Best In The Industry

Auric Solar has the experience you need to execute a seamless installation. We understand how to design an efficient and aesthetically pleasing solar array because we have the most experience in the industry. At Auric Solar, we do our installs right.

Auric takes a comprehensive approach to each system’s design, and is straightforward and transparent about what is the best for you. All of our installations are preplanned and shaped digitally in the design phase. This approach maximizes efficiency and quality – which ultimately saves you money.

When the design is finished and it’s time to install, our expert installation team takes over. Our installers are trained by professionals with NABCEP certification – the highest in the industry. We get your solar system up and running faster than anyone in the industry, so you can start saving money quickly.

Auric’s experts take care of everything:

  • Engineering your solar power system.

  • Submitting for permits.

  • Ordering and delivering parts.

  • Facilitating your financing.

  • Installing the system.

  • Scheduling the city inspection.

  • Scheduling the net meter installation from your power company.

  • Completing and submitting your solar tax documents.

  • Providing follow-up communication to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Providing lifetime monitoring with automatic alerts.

We Do Our Installs Right



Nationally Certified Installers

We ensure high quality installations by taking training and certification seriously. Our team is trained and led by professionals with North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certification – the gold standard in the industry.

Thaniel Bishop: # 091308-55
Jason Grimes: # 032611-126
Kyle Mabey: # PV-102117-013909
Justin Osborn: # PV-102216-015056
Apirak Pruksirisombut: # PV-041115-011009
Derek Smith: # PV-042217-017148
Tobey Smith: # PV-042217-015094
Mitchell Hampton: #PV-042118-020713
Brittany Thomas: #PV-041318-019010

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Installation Confidence Guarantee

Our experience allows us to secure the top North American solar components from reliable companies who are financially stable. Because we are confident in our components and installation, we guarantee our work and provide an industry-exclusive warranty for 10 years.

We are so confident in our design and engineering team that we even guarantee the production of your solar panel system. As an Auric Solar customer, you have access to round-the-clock monitoring of your solar production. On the off chance something does go wrong, we will schedule a technician to come fix it right away.